Samsung Call Management Suite (CMS)

Samsung Call Management Suite


Samsung Call Management Suite (CMS)

The Samsung Call Management Suite (CMS) is a fully integrated call management solution that works with your FBT business telephone system. Samsung CMS allows users to totally control their whole phone systems by being able to record all telephone calls, see the status of other extensions on the networks and view historical call data. Users can also track how quickly a member of staff answered a call, incoming and out going call peak times, how many calls you have lost and improved costs & billing. 

  • Increased Efficiency
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Streamlined Operations
  • Drive Customer Retention and Job Satisfaction



Product Features 

 Samsung CMS Report

CMS Report: Log and Analyse your Communications

This module provides managers multiple capabilities to allow efficient integration into any call centre team. Features include an overview of call traffic and costs for more than one site, if necessary and the ability to identify and correctly charge calls to departments or individuals.

Samsung CMS Contact Centre Analytics

CMS Contact: Contact Centre Analytics

Samsung CMS Contact delivers call centre analytics via dashboards and group wallboards, supervisor control, agent desktop and automated dialing.


Samsung CMS Record

CMS Record: Keep a Secure Record of All Calls

This module provides a complete management and call recording solution. Users can store and find calls, playback, archive and email encrypted recording.  

Samsung CMS Agent Control

CMS Contact: Supervisor Control and Dialing

This module enables agent call control. The Agent Control Server enables supervisors to manage and view live agent status. Campaigns and follow-ups are made easy for the call handler and the business gains from increases in productivity. 



Samsung Call Management Suite (CMS) supports:

  • Samsung OfficeServ 7000 Series v4.75 or higher
  • Samsung Communications MAnager (SCM) v4.0 or higher

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