FBT Call Recording

Samsung call recording

FBT Call Recording

Future Business Technology Group Call Recording is a fully integrated plug-in module for the FBT Business Reporting of products, which can record your ISDN30, ISDN2, SIP or Analogue trunks; a complete management and call recording solution contained and managed from a single work station or server. Storing, finding, playback and archiving of calls is just a click away. 

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Why choose FBT Call Recording?

Many types of organisations can benefit from FBT Call Recording. In particular, there are obvious advantages for legal firms, insurance companies, call centres, public agencies, health centres/doctor's surgeries and any company that is legally bound to record calls. Seamless integration with your FBT phone system: 

  • ISDN30, ISDN2, SIP or Analogue call recording
  • Encryption
  • Call tagging / notation
  • Trim and extract
  • Audit trail of user access and playback
  • Extension tagging
  • Manual Stop/Start and Pause
  • Automatic Stop/Start
  • Integrated to your OfficeServ system

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