DVR Recorder Security Solution

 Samsung DVR and CCTV


Value Series


Commercial Series


DVR Software



 SRD 440 DVR for CCTV




SRD 470 DVR for CCTV 



 Net-i Viewer for DVR recorder

Net-i Viewer



SRD 840 DVR for CCTV







SRD 873D DVR for CCTV 




 iPolis Mobile for iPhone for CCTV surveillance

iPOLIS MOBILE (iPhone/Android)



SRD 1640 DVR and CCTV


SRD 1640 DVR



SRD 1673D DVR for CCTV




Smart Viewer CCTV Software for CCTV surveillance

Smart Viewer

Samsung stock a range of DVR Recorders for your CCTV needs. DVRs are a digital storage and retrieval system that opens up all new possibilities in CCTV surveillance operations and management for your business. The extraordinary, highly reliable Samsung DVR provides unparalleled scalability to fulfill your extended CCTV surveillance needs. 

Many of the decisions you need to make in relation to what DVR you need is impacted heavily on what you want to use it for. For example, you may need to consider these impacts:

•    Premises type - school, business or personal use
•    Your location and access to suitable technology infrastructure
•    Size of property and the number of security cameras needed for your CCTV system
•    Your CCTV System and DVR Budget
•    Access to existing equipment and infrastructure
•    Your business clientele and what CCTV system you think you need to suit

All of these factors impact the decision of what type of security cameras and CCTV systems that you require, which then impacts the DVR Recorder or NVR Recorder that you will need to implement to support the recording of, and viewing of security footage.

Future Business Technology Group offers a complete range of DVR recorders (Digital Video Recorders). Our high performance Digital Video Recorder DVR are designed to provide high quality images whilst conserving storage network resources. Contact Future Business Technology Group today and we will help you to choose the right DVR and CCTV cameras for your business type, size, surveillance needs and your budget.

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