Using Digital Video Recorders (DVR) in CCTV Camera Surveillance

Do you need video cameras, a DVR recorder, NVR recorder, or full CCTV systems to manage security for your home or business?

With technology improving at a rapid rate, and CCTV systems being needed more and more with an increasing risk rate, there is also a need for video CCTV surveillance cameras to evolve and meet these demands.Therefore it is vital to keep your CCTV camera and CCTV camera system up to date with what the current market is demanding.

Security cameras have certainly come a long way since their inception and earlier uses. With advancing technology, the humble DVR recorder has needed to evolve to keep up with the latest market product releases. The DVR recorder - Digital Video Recorders, or NVR - Network Video Recorder, have replaced most videotape-based systems in homes and businesses today.

A DVR records video on a hard drive, which eliminates the need for tapes and makes the system easy and safe to access online or through a local network.

DVR recorder by Samsung CC Brisbane for your CCTV system

How to choose the best DVR Recorder, NVR Recorder and CCTV systems for your needs?

There are a few factors that you will need to consider when choosing an NVR Recorder, a DVR Recorder or overall CCTV system as follows:

  1. Do you need one CCTV camera or many - you need to decide on the area that you want under surveillance?
  2. Determine how many CCTV cameras are installed and need to connect to to the DVR recorder system?
  3. What storage capacity is needed on your DVR recorder based on the number of cameras that you have under CCTV surveillance? In most situations, a low recording rate is generally adequate, but if you require each CCTV camera to record at its highest resolution and the maximum frames per second, it is best to go with a DVR recorder that has a high recording rate and the necessary hard drive storage capacity.
  4. Is the premises that you want under CCTV surveillance a commercial or residential residence? This will determine where you will want the CCTV camera placed and how many of them that you need.
  5. Do you want alarm monitoring for your home or business security? There are a range of security companies that you can contract to monitor your security and Future Business Technology Group also offers you alarm monitoring services for your security needs.

Which DVR recorder is best for your security situation?

The choices of DVR recorders from Future Business Technology Group for your CCTV surveillance needs are as follows:


Samsung DVR Recorder SRD 440

Samsung DVR Recorder SRD 840

Samsung DVR Recorder SRD 1640


Samsung DVR Recorder SRD 470

Samsung DVR Recorder SRD 873

Samsung DVR Recorder SRD 1673D

Which NVR Recorder Solution is best for your needs?

Samsung NVR Recorders are network video storage and retrieval systems that open the door to new possibilities in CCTV surveillance. These quality NVR recorders are highly reliable and offer unparalleled scalability for your home or business CCTV surveillance needs.

The choices of IP NVR recorders from Future Business Technology Group for your CCTV surveillance needs are as follows:

Samsung NVR Recorder SRN 470D

Samsung NVR Recorder SRN 1670

Samsung NVR Recorder SRN 1000

Samsung NVR Recorder SRN 472S

Want to Know More on DVR or NVR Recorders and CCTV Surveillance Options Suitable to You?

Future Business Technology Group is a leading CCTV surveillance system provider who offer a complete range of Digital Video Recorders - DVR recorder or NVR Network Video Recorders - NVR recorders to work with your CCTV camera or multiple CCTV cameras. Our quality CCTV surveillance systems and high performance DVR recorders and NVR recorders are designed to provide top quality images while conserving storage network resources. Contact Future Business Technology Group. We will help you to choose the right DVR recorder, NVR recorder and CCTV cameras for your needs.