Securing your Future with Samsung WiseNet Lite

Samsung Communications Centre introduces the new Samsung WiseNet Lite range, an affordable, compact cameras with simple yet professional features. These features include :

  • Easy installation
  • Affordable price
  • Full HD
  • Audio function supported
  • Power over Ethernet
  • Power features
  • Reliable brand
  • Audio function supported

1. Hallway view for monitoring vertical shaped areas

Samsung WiseNet Lite Hallway View Mode

Some great new features that have been added gives a whole new meaning to CCTV surveillance systems. One of the many features include the hallway view. Hallway View mode allows the users to rotate the camera to give you a vertical-oriented image for narrow areas, such as corridors, roadways, parking lots, tunnels, aisles and more.


2. IR LED to see objects clearly

Another is the lens distortion correction. This feature ensures the image distortion is not compromised when using a wide angle lens camera.

The IR cut-filter ensures high quality images even in poor light conditions. Even without IR filter, WiseNet Lite Cameras provide clear colour images in
night with great low light performance. Giving you quality and piece of mind that your CCTV system is working around the clock.


3. Minimise image distortion by LDC

With the Lens Distortion Correction (LDC) technology on WiseNet Lite cameras, imperfections in images can be easily repaired. 

Samsung WiseNet Lite Lens Distortion Correction 

4. 3 types of video streams from a single camera

samsung cctv camera system

A lot of low end products don’t have multi-streaming capability and they really should have. Samsung have equipped the WiseNet Lite models with the ability to triple stream images and at different resolutions if required. They can now be viewed live, mobile or recorded.

Some manufacturers many have a great headline price, but then you find that the product is actually plastic, or it’s not quite what you expected. The WiseNet Lite Bullet cameras and vandal resistant domes are built around. The ensures an uninterrupted stream.

There are also microphones built-in on some of the WiseNet Lite models and all of the external cameras work down to -30 on normal PoE. Having sound is an added feature, giving you even more coverage.

All WiseNet Lite cameras also feature SD card slots which are increasingly popular among users.


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