Schoolies, CCTV Camera Systems and 24/7 Alarm

Schoolies and CCTV Camera Systems

With schoolies week almost upon us, it is time to think about the type of security that you need at this time of the year. Do you need to ramp up your CCTV surveillance around your premises? Do you need additional security camera systems installed? Do you need to rethink the monitoring of your security cameras or round the clock surveillance? You just may need to have a rethink and plan ahead for this time of the year as we know that with such an increase of schoolies and toolies in areas, theft, destruction of property and violence are unfortunately on the increase and not always by schoolies but from the general increase of people into the area and older toolies trying to cause havoc.

So make sure that you undertake a general security update or improve any processes that are necessary to accommodate the influx of schoolies in and around your business at this very busy time of the year.

Recently we have blogged about CCTV Camera Systems and Compliance Requirements for Pubs and Clubs in Brisbane and we suggest that you refresh on this topic so that you can ensure that your practices and processes and correct security cameras and security measures are in place to fully meet this compliance.

24/7 Alarm

We have also provided information on installing 24/7 alarm monitoring to ensure that you can rest easy knowing that you have security surveillance working for you night and day. Read more here.

Schoolies Working in Security

If you have schoolies on staff and working for you then you will need to make sure that your security information is up to date. The 2015 October version of the Office of Fair Trading’s Security Buzz e-newsletter which is distributed to Queensland security providers suggests that the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation and Queensland Police will be increasing the monitoring of, and checking up of security providers.

This means that now is the time that you need to make sure that your licence information is fully up to date.  Also a timely reminder that the Security Providers Regulation 2008 requires security providers to notify the Office of Fair Trading of all updates to their security licence information within 7 days of a change occurring in your business? If you fail to keep this information up to date you may incur a hefty fine.

If in doubt of what you need for your business security requirements or if you require additional CCTV camera systems or an improved security surveillance system contact Future Business Technology Group today.