The Importance of Professional ICT Network Data Cabling in Schools and Universities

Even as school budgets tighten, technology remains an important educational tool and an integral part of the school curriculum. How related data and technology devices are cabled also remains integral to the success of the delivery of ICT services in schools.

The Importance of Professional ICT Network Data Cabling

In today's technological environment, teaching basic computer literacy using educational software to enhance the student experience is only the beginning and learning relies on much more than just basic computing skills alone. Network connectivity for streaming video, distance learning and a wide range of Internet-based tools enables the teachers to enhance student education and learning interactivity. 

Just as a video is no longer transported from classroom to classroom on a trolley, so are computers no longer standalone classroom tools. Most school computers are connected online, whether locally within a classroom/school or more universally through the Internet. In today's learning environment students rely significantly on the Internet for learning and communication; and the expectation is great to have an accessible and reliable infrastructure for online school computer access.

This creates the need for network connectivity by means of reliable data cabling, and means that having a network cabling infrastructure that is robust and flexible enough to meet the evolving requirements of the school is essential. Furthermore, the school educational computer network is required to support a range of diverse IP applications within the classroom and throughout the school district as a whole. These include:

Brisbane data cable installation        •    Internet, Intranet, and Email 
        •    Tablets and interactive devices
        •    Online Communications, Forums and Blogs
        •    Online Student Learning Management
        •    Distance Learning
        •    Telephone and communications systems
        •    Television systems
        •    CCTV
        •    Building Automation
        •    School Administration
        •    Electronic Whiteboards/Smartboards

Why do you need to hire professional cabling service providers?

ICT is a crucial element in today’s information-based educational environment and there can be a number of challenges and common network mistakes that can cause poor performance and downtime. Cabling a school or university can be a complex job and if not implemented correctly can cause performance and productivity challenges for the ICT department and administration managers.

ICT managers in schools and universities often complain of having problems with unstable networks, intermittent slowdowns, bottlenecks in their computer networks and frustrating downtime. The fact is that more often than not it is caused by badly installed or incorrect network cabling. As you could appreciate, this is a productivity nightmare and can lead to a whole host of computer network issues, when if cabled correctly from the outset, could avoid this downtime and increase productivity for teachers, students and office administration staff.

Future Business Technology Group aims to reduce the challenges related to school network cabling issues, and the resulting downtime, by undertaking a needs analysis and a thorough overview of the major issues currently being faced by each school and foreseeing any potential future issues. We can then work to develop a network cabling solution to address any identified issues, and plan for future growth and infrastructure requirements to provide a robust and stable computer network environment.

With technology being at the forefront of school curriculums, and most school teachers, students and office administration staff needing to access IT during most of the school day, it is imperative that a structured ICT network cabling plan is developed and implemented into schools to ensure their efficient operations.

At Future Business Technology Group we provide cabling for data networks and fibre-optic as well as for CCTV, Business Telephones, VoIP Phones, PA Systems, Projectors, Smartboards and other Audio Visual equipment.

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