CCTV Surveillance Systems and Security Camera FAQ's

cctv surveillance and cctv camera FAQ

What range of CCTV surveillance cameras does Future Business Technology Group stock?

Future Business Technology Group provides a comprehensive range of digital and IP CCTV camera and security surveillance systems for both analogue CCTV Cameras and IP network based CCTV Systems that have resulted in their deployment in major international airports, schools, organisations, government projects and industrial and commercial facilities through to small retailers and homes throughout Australia.

What is an Analogue Security System?

An analogue security system begins with a CCD image sensor and then converts the images into a digital form for processing. Before the security system can transmit the videos, it needs to convert back in an analogue form, so analogue devices such as video recorder and monitor, can receive the videos.

What is an IP Security System?

An IP security system broadcasts their video as a digital stream over an IP network such as a WAN, LAN, Internet or Intranet. IP cameras combine the capabilities of cameras and some PC functionalities. So they don’t require a direct connection to a PC to operate. So they can be placed anywhere within a network.

What are the Major Differences between CCTV Surveillance Cameras?

1.Video Quality

IP cameras excel in capturing high definition, megapixel images. The maximum amount of pixels that can be created by analogue security cameras is 0.4 megapixels, and 10 megapixel by IP cameras. Just like pictures taken with digital cameras, the more pixel the better image quality.


Analogue security cameras are generally easier to install at a site owing to the fact that they require no configuration or technical skills and network knowledge, while IP security cameras require some networking skills for small installations and more technical skills for enterprise size installations.


IP security cameras are generally more costly than analogue security cameras. One of the main reasons of the increased cost is that IP security cameras have higher number of megapixels. It is important to note that an increased number of megapixels means that the security camera can cover a larger monitoring area and can also take the place of several analogue cameras, therefore making the IP security camera more cost-effective. 

Can I get a CCTV surveillance security camera that has alarm triggers incorporated into it?

Yes, the SNF-8010 CCTV Surveillance System has inbuilt alarm triggers and includes the following:

•    Intelligent motion detection;
•    Audio detection;
•    Tampering detection;
•    Alarm input; and
•    Network disconnection.

Can I get a CCTV surveillance system that allows me to view a number of different areas or points of interest at once?

Yes, there is a range of cameras that will provide this but the SNF-8010 CCTV Surveillance System provides powerful CCTV camera footage and allows you to view a number of different areas or points of interest within the surveillance camera area simultaneously.  This allows you to have static view frames at various zoom levels so as not to miss any details.

As well as this, the SNF-8010 CCTV Surveillance System offers bi-directional audio that allows greater situational awareness for your footage which is significant when considering reliable security and surveillance CCTV camera solutions to suit your specific needs.

Can I get a CCTV surveillance system that  provides video over IP?

Yes there is a range of cameras that Future Business Technology Group provides. The IP Full HD CCTV Cameras stocked can be found here.

Can I get a CCTV camera that provides quality imaging in challenging lighting and weather conditions?

One of the most important aspects of any camera is to create the best possible and clearest images, regardless of inclement weather conditions and other impacting environmental factors. The new 1280H Beyond Series CCTV Surveillance Cameras from Future Business Technology Group deliver outstanding image quality even in challenging lighting and weather conditions. This series of cameras promises to deliver a great return on investment with exceptional quality images. This will maximise and enhance the level of security at your surveillance camera location.